Policy and goals

Bulcom 2000 Co Ltd. is led by the mission to make its clients enthusiastic partners, presenting them all the time high-quality products and services, which satisfies permanently their requirements and needs. Our goal is professional and proper services of the clients in the Information Technologies area.


We aim at strengthening and expanding our commercial positions, putting an accent on products' quality, broadening of products' range and proper services, creating a mutually advantageous cooperation with business partners, encouraging and supporting the professional development of our collaborators.


This point of view of ours determines the consistent realization of our activity through specifying its real goals.


Quality to our firm is the sum of all the requirements and criteria, by which our clients define their satisfaction with us, our services and products.


All the processes in our firm are consecutively orientated towards quality. Grounds for this are:

  • the impossibility for success on the market under Market – Economy conditions without the presence of a working system for quality  management;
  • the possibility of efficient fulfillment of separate processes with a view to adaptation to the requirements of markets and clients, the optimizing of expenses and quality improvement
  • creating conditions for mutual activities and engagement of every collaborator for quality work, strengthening and prosperity of the firm;
  • keeping the applicable normative requirements;
  • the respect and proper attitude to clients

  Our work with clients is built on the following main principles: 

  • trust, correctness and mutually advantageous relationships;
  • systematic approach;
  • maximum engagement of the management and staff;
  • high efficacy;
  • measurable, attainable and time-determined results.

Following our philosophy, we determine other goals as well: 

  • in our spheres to contribute to solving the particular problems of clients, including the systematic solutions;
  • to assert a stable position as reliable and quality suppliers and executors before the purposeful clients;
  • to achieve maximum satisfaction of clients by improving the quality and keeping the terms
  • offering of quality for a reasonable price with combination of a professional experience and a flexible price policy;
  • to aim at a constant service improving
  • to guarantee total transparency and tracing of processes and products;
  • to build a system for development of the creative activity from failures finding to their avoiding;

to manage the processes, to lead the staff purpose-orientated and to estimate the fulfillment of goals annually.

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27 December 2005

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